Welcome to Family B. Ltd., Part

Family B. Ltd., Part, established in 1996, is a manufacturer and supplier of agricultural processed products ( dried vegetables, fruits, and foods ). It is located at 302 Moo 7 Muangkham Sub-district, Phan District in Chiang Rai Province of Thailand.

We always pay close attention to our customers' needs and live up to their expectations. We, therefore, employ a careful and strict manufacturing process for high-quality products

We are constantly conducting research and developing our new products. We apply manufacturing technology to developing our innovative products.

We collect raw material meticulously under HACCP based Food Safety Management Standard and guarantee by International Certificate company strictly.

We work for manufacturing the our products efficiently and develop the personnel with knowledge and ability invariably which covers transportation to destination carefully for safety of goods.

We always test and check the quality of our products during manufacturing processes to confirm that we produce high-quality products.

We always pay close attention to our products and give our customers trust and confidence about the quality and safety of our products until they reach them.

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